Nazarene Youth Conference
Participant Page

We are so excited to have you joining us at NYC this Summer! This page is a hub of information for our students and sponsors regarding travel, the NYC Conference, and how to prepare yourself physically and spiritually for the trip! 


NYC travel Information:

Trip Dates:

 Sunday, July 2nd – Monday, July 10th


We will driving to Tampa on 3 charter buses. The buses are Wi-Fi equipped, have outlets at every seat, and have bathrooms on board. Luggage will be stored below, but backpacks for carry-on items are encouraged! 

Hotel Info:

We will be driving through the night on the first and last night of our trip. While in Pensacola, we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express Pensacola West. While in Tampa, we will be staying at The Westin Tampa Bay.


Since the earliest days God has displayed His ongoing movement, power, and presence in and through this life-giving element…water. Our story opens with the spirit of God hovering over the chaotic waters bringing order, provision, and new life. The headwaters of His love began in the garden and flow through all eternity. But we, His creation, chose a different stream, one that serves ourselves and leads to a dry and weary existence.

Time and again God rains down His grace and love on His people. On humanity. On us.

He parts the waters, calms the seas, and makes streams in the wilderness. Saves us from the depths of ourselves and the waves of this world. Lifts us up out of the murky water to new life in His presence and with his power. Leads us beside quiet waters. Restores our soul. He fills us–but that is not all. God does not fill bottles to be capped, but vessels to be poured through.


6 week devotional:

This 6-Week Pre-NYC Devotional invites us to examine the idea of overflow that weaves its way through Scripture.

Consider using this devotional as a group for those coming from your church, or choose to go through it on your own!

In order to finish before we leave for the event, you want to start the devotional Sunday, May 21st.


Bring with project:

Providing Care Kits to meet health and hygiene needs in and around Tampa

Our goal across USA/Canada is to put together 100,000 Care Kits! To do this we are utilizing all of our churches (regardless of if they are sending students to NYC) so NMI will be helping to raise awareness!